“Happiness isn’t really about what people do or dont have. It’s about what they expect to have and how well those expectations match up with reality.”

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How Much Should You Pay For Marketing? Every business should be spending 20–30% of NET profits back into various marketing efforts. After the bills and employees are paid; 20-30% of what remains should be split into various marketing techniques. The objective is to spend 30% of your NET profits to attract new customers, while focusing on up selling your current clients with various techniques. (We will discuss techniques in later post.) Are We Charging Enough For Our Products or Services? Online marketing is...

Simon Sinek sums up the fundamental concerns that have to be addressed before creating successful marketing strategies; consistently. It is not your product/services that inspires customers to buy; It is the feeling that your product/service solves that inspires that buying action. Sit back and contemplate the feelings/reasons a customer would buy your product/service. List those reasons and revisit your website,Ads & Social networks. Marketing is testing A versus B (A/B Testing), Once you realize the reason people buy...