“Happiness isn’t really about what people do or dont have. It’s about what they expect to have and how well those expectations match up with reality.”

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Its only two things in business that generate revenue…

Its only two things in business that generate revenue…

Its only two things in business that generate revenue, marketing, and innovation. everything else is just an expense.

Who We Are

consulting service marketing - Its only two things in business that generate revenue...

  • Business Growth Experts
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Profit Generators
  • Performance Enhancer
  • Accountability Officer
  • Possibility Compass
  • Bar Setter
  • Result Multiplier

How We Do It

  • Finding hidden assets
  • overlooked opportunities
  • underperforming activities
  • undervalued relationships
  • under-utilized distribution channels.
  • reverse engineer a strategic approach
  • optimization to innovation

Making the money connection and demystify the meaning of business life

we see correlations, combinations, implications and tangible, meaning most businesses do not understand.


Getting you/your business more profit performance/productivity from…

  • The same efforts or less!
  • The same time or less
  • the same investment or less
  • the same opportunity or less


Its all about leverage: working on the geometry” of your business

  • Two Kinds, good and bad (like cholesterol)
  • Cost you the same no matter the results. We don’t add to the cost of you doing better, we are a service that works with what you have, to get you the most out of things you already have.


Funnel Vision vs Tunnel Vision

  • A common approach in one industry can have a huge impact in yours if … you’re the first and only company in your industry using it.
  • The difference between mediocrity and millions is marketing/strategy
  • Great companies aren’t born they are made
  • Marketing and strategy are sciences, not art.


Our Focus/The Seven Sciences of Masterful Marketing

  • Hidden Assets
  • Overlooked Opportunities
  • Underperforming Activities
  • Undervalued Relationships
  • Underutilized Distribution Channels
  • Untapped Selling Systems
  • Little Known Marketing Approaches


Five Ways to create business wealth

  • current income
  • future income
  • windfall income
  • physic/Emotional Wealth
  • Asset Wealth



Current income – constantly increasing current income and profits is the first determinate of business wealth creation.

Future Income – If your business doesn’t have highly predictable, strategic, long-term revenue- generating programming in place that assures a continuous flow of profits and sales well into the upcoming years — You don’t have business at all if you do not have future strategic plans

Windfall Income – There is no business out there I know that cannot uncover a five to seven figure profit windfall within 6 months

Emotional Wealth – Unless you have the certainty confidence, peace of mind, vision, low stress, control, power, persistence, perceptiveness, high ethical standards, and unstoppable drive, you can’t possibly pilot the strata of unstoppable business growth and income you’re after

Asset Wealth – Few business owners ever build a business they can sell for a lot more money than they take out of it in a year. Yet a business asset value should be one of the major wealth creations you achieve from your business efforts.

Hedge plans

  • We depend on things going wrong


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