“Happiness isn’t really about what people do or dont have. It’s about what they expect to have and how well those expectations match up with reality.”

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Analyze Past Results Assess your organization’s performance history, specifically your revenues, expenses and net profits. Select your biggest success Highlight the biggest failure Examine potential opportunities.   Determine your organization’s Objectives Define your business’s overall vision. Reassess your 3-year plan   Understand your target market Assess your customer base Examine your customer's by-products. Assess your audience’s need Look at your best customers. Examine your worst performing customers. Align your marketing, sales and customer service. Improve cross-departmental communications.   Examine your competitive environment ...

Its only two things in business that generate revenue, marketing, and innovation. everything else is just an expense. Who We Are Business Growth Experts Marketing Strategist Profit Generators Performance Enhancer Accountability Officer Possibility Compass Bar Setter Result Multiplier How We Do It Finding hidden assets overlooked opportunities underperforming activities undervalued relationships under-utilized distribution channels. reverse engineer a strategic approach optimization to innovation Making the money connection and demystify the meaning of business life we see correlations, combinations, implications and tangible,...

How Much Should You Pay For Marketing? Every business should be spending 20–30% of NET profits back into various marketing efforts. After the bills and employees are paid; 20-30% of what remains should be split into various marketing techniques. The objective is to spend 30% of your NET profits to attract new customers, while focusing on up selling your current clients with various techniques. (We will discuss techniques in later post.) Are We Charging Enough For Our Products or Services? Online marketing is...

Simon Sinek sums up the fundamental concerns that have to be addressed before creating successful marketing strategies; consistently. It is not your product/services that inspires customers to buy; It is the feeling that your product/service solves that inspires that buying action. Sit back and contemplate the feelings/reasons a customer would buy your product/service. List those reasons and revisit your website,Ads & Social networks. Marketing is testing A versus B (A/B Testing), Once you realize the reason people buy...

What is EDDM? USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is an affordable targeted advertising technique that lets you map your marketing mail audience by age, income, or household size. You can choose the ZIP Code™ and carrier route that will target your best possible customers—current and future. Witness Results Inc. marketing specialists* help businesses create memorable, actionable mailpieces. These experienced experts offer phone or chat support for strategizing, formatting, designing, printing, preparing, and sending your mailing. We can advise you...

"Why do people buy?" is a thousand times more important than "How do I sell?" Start by asking yourself these 3 simple questions. Why Do People Want my Product/Service? What Solution Does my Product/Service Provide? Who Else Likes my Product/Service? If you can answer those questions with confidence and clarity, you are miles ahead of most. Once you can answer those questions, the magic of marketing begins. Our process starts with the desired objectives, and our web sites, content, and campaigns are all created with those...