“Happiness isn’t really about what people do or dont have. It’s about what they expect to have and how well those expectations match up with reality.”

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Analyze Past Results

  1. Assess your organization’s performance history, specifically your
  2. revenues, expenses and net profits.
  3. Select your biggest success
  4. Highlight the biggest failure
  5. Examine potential opportunities.


Determine your organization’s Objectives

  1. Define your business’s overall vision.
  2. Reassess your 3-year plan


Understand your target market

  1. Assess your customer base
  2. Examine your customer’s by-products.
  3. Assess your audience’s need
  4. Look at your best customers.
  5. Examine your worst performing customers.
  6. Align your marketing, sales and customer service.
  7. Improve cross-departmental communications.


Examine your competitive environment

  1. Look at the economic and political environment for 2016.
  2. Assess how your direct and major competitors are
  3. Monitor the major players in the marketplace.
  4. Talk to your firm’s specialists regarding 2015 and
  5. Examine your peers.
  6. Evaluate your suppliers.
  7. Review your distributors and their position in the market.


Assess your product offering

  1. Look at how your product or key product lines are performing
  2. Consider new and emerging technologies
  3. Determine product gaps based on market and/or technology changes.

Manage your sales process

  1. Map out your customer’s purchase journey including post-purchase activity.
  2. Analyze your sales process to determine sales conversion effectiveness.
  3. Determine the average length of your sales conversions
  4. Assess the health of your lead generation
  5. Analyze whether you’re getting repeat business from your customer
  6. Evaluate your key conversion pages.



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